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Letter from the President
Letter from the President - September 2017

Florida Gardens Donations
Florida Gardens Donations - May 14, 2017

Florida Gardens was established in 1953
Homes range in all shapes and sizes and are all unique in there own way. As the years have gone on more and more homes & families have been built to make Florida Gardens what it is today. Florida Gardens has a voluntary Civic Association that helps to keep Florida Gardens a great place to live for families. There is only a small dues fee of $30 each year to help with many of the costs associated with special events, scholarships, and other neighborhood functions, as well as upkeep of the neighborhood clubhouse.

Florida Gardens is one of the few rare gems in Palm Beach County that doesn't have all the rules and regulations associated with living in a neighborhood community. This makes Florida Gardens unique because every home is distinctive and the residents of Florida Gardens take pride in their homes and their neighborhood.

Don't forget to drive through the neighborhood in December. Many homes partake in decorating their homes for the holidays, and they look fantastic.

Located on the south side of Lake Worth Rd. and the Turnpike
Across from Nassau Square, Turnpike Exit 93

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